Live Without Shoulder Pain

Live Without Shoulder Pain

Dr. Jake Snodgrass

Don’t put up with your shoulder pain. Are you dealing with shoulder pain when reaching above your head or to the side? Do you experience occasional sharp or pinching pains in the shoulder when reaching? You could be experiencing a shoulder disorder called impingement syndrome. 

What is impingement syndrome? 

Impingement syndrome is an irritation of soft tissues caused by pinching or “impingement” of the top portion of the shoulder joint on the soft tissues beneath. When the shoulder raises, the space between the arm and “roof” of the shoulder narrows.

In a healthy shoulder this occurs naturally without irritation, but with some individuals this space is narrowed further by either inflamed tendons or bony changes. These changes lead to pinching and/or rubbing causing increased pain. Many patients often think, “this will get better with time or rest” but often symptoms continue to worsen until they are addressed. 

So how can therapy help?

Physical therapy helps to restore proper shoulder mobility by encouraging pain free full motion exercises and movements decreasing  irritation and improving shoulder range of motion. 

Physical therapy also utilizes soft tissue mobilization techniques for further progress with tissue healing and decreased swelling. Eventually therapy incorporates shoulder strengthening for return to normal function with lifting and reaching.  

This painful condition can be treated. Empower Physical Therapy clinicians are trained in these procedures and can help relieve the pain and discomfort this condition creates.  


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