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Therapeutic exercise is a cornerstone of comprehensive physical therapy, aimed at enhancing patients’ physical well-being and restoring optimal function. Tailored to individual needs and conditions, therapeutic exercise involves a systematic regimen of movements and activities designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, ultimately reducing pain and promoting recovery. These exercises can target specific areas of the body, such as joints, muscles, or the spine, and are a vital component in the rehabilitation process, enabling patients to regain mobility, alleviate discomfort, and enhance their overall quality of life. Our dedicated team of physical therapists is committed to crafting personalized exercise plans that empower individuals on their path to no-pain and long-term health.

Functional training is a dynamic approach that focuses on enhancing an individual’s overall functional abilities. It involves exercises and movements that mimic real-life activities and challenges, helping patients regain strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination essential for daily living. Tailored to each patient’s specific needs, functional training in physical therapy not only aids in injury recovery but also promotes long-term wellness, ensuring that individuals can perform everyday tasks with confidence and reduced risk of future injuries. By addressing the root causes of physical limitations and promoting functional improvement, this approach empowers patients to regain their independence and achieve a higher quality of life.

Spinal mobilization is a specialized physical therapy technique designed to enhance the mobility and functionality of the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine. It involves gentle, controlled movements and manual therapy methods applied by a skilled physical therapist to address issues such as stiffness, pain, and restricted range of motion in the lumbar region. Through this hands-on approach, lumbar mobilization aims to reduce discomfort, improve flexibility, and optimize the overall health of the lower back, helping patients regain their quality of life and prevent future musculoskeletal issues. It is an integral component of comprehensive physical therapy programs that promote pain relief and functional recovery in individuals with lumbar spine-related conditions.

The more you know and understand about your condition/ailment/issue/pain, the more likely
you are to succeed in independent management of it and get back to living life on your own terms without letting the pain control you. In a world where we have an infinite amount of information at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when researching your symptoms and even stumble upon harmful narratives regarding your condition. Education and use of more hopeful terminology has arguably come the farthest in the last five years, as there is a shift within physical therapy to aid patients in understanding that their condition or ailment or pain does not define their identity.

At Empower Physical Therapy, the first thing we do is validate your thoughts/beliefs/worries regarding your pain, symptoms, or diagnosis. We take into account all of the things you have been told in the past, the things you’ve read, the things you believe, and how they have affected you mentally, socially, physically, spiritually, etc. We then ask for permission to re-educate if any of these beliefs have the likelihood of being harmful to progress and growth. Education is utilized throughout the plan of care to ensure you understand why your therapist is making each decision and how you can learn to do the same when you are on your own, so that you may manage these issues better yourself.

Soft tissue mobilization is a specialized manual therapy technique employed by skilled physical therapists to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and promote healing in soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This hands-on approach involves the application of targeted pressure, stretching, and rhythmic movements to the affected areas, effectively breaking down adhesions and scar tissue while improving blood flow and tissue flexibility. Soft tissue mobilization is a valuable component of physical therapy that aids in the management of various musculoskeletal conditions, aiding patients in regaining their functional independence and overall well-being.

Dry needling is a highly effective physical therapy technique that involves the precise insertion of fine, sterile needles into problematic muscle bands, which are tight fibers in muscles that can cause pain and dysfunction. This therapeutic approach aims to alleviate pain, improve muscle function, and enhance mobility by releasing tension and promoting blood flow in these areas.

Dry needling is a minimally invasive procedure that can provide rapid relief for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, making it an invaluable tool in the hands of skilled physical therapists dedicated to restoring their patients’ comfort and functionality.

MPS is effective for pain management and a highly effective treatment for peripheral neuropathy.

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) is a naturally occurring direct current, such as your heart produces. AC (or alternating current) is manmade and not naturally found in nature. DC current from our MPS devices is pulsed stimulation at a very low current. The current resonates with the nervous system and influences cellular change in organs, tissue and fascia. When direct current is applied to special acupuncture and trigger points, this is called MPS therapy.

MPS interrupts the chronic pain cycle for improved therapeutic efficiency. MPS is incredibly safe and its concentrated microcurrent impulses reduce nervous system stress, relaxing muscle tone and releasing the body’s natural pain killers and endorphins as an alternative to pain medication.

Cupping is a therapeutic technique that involves the application of specially designed cups to the skin’s surface, creating a partial vacuum. This gentle suction effect promotes increased blood flow to the treated area, helping to alleviate muscle tension, reduce pain, and enhance the body’s natural healing processes. Cupping is a popular modality in physical therapy, as it can effectively release myofascial restrictions, improve tissue mobility, and provide relief from a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. It is a non-invasive, safe, and soothing method that complements other physical therapy approaches to help patients recover and improve their overall well-being.

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease? Have you wondered what else can be done besides medication? How can I improve my walking speed, walking mechanics, balance, ability to perform tasks around the house, or even recreation activities? At Empower Physical therapy we have a treatment program designed specifically for you called LSVT BIG.

LSVT BIG is a program designed specifically for Parkinson’s patients to help increase quality of life and even slow disease progression. Exercises are focused around intensive large amplitude exercises to help individuals improve mobility. LSVT BIG is a standardized treatment protocol that is customized to the unique goals of each patient that can include both large and small motor tasks. It is also adapted to the progression of disease and is beneficial regardless of disease severity or progression.

For more details and to see if this is right for you, contact us at Empower Physical Therapy to set up a free screening.

ASTYM, or Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization, is an innovative and evidence-based physical therapy technique that effectively treats musculoskeletal conditions by promoting the body’s natural healing processes. This non-invasive approach employs specialized instruments to stimulate and regenerate damaged soft tissues, addressing issues such as scar tissue, inflammation, and restricted motion. ASTYM is particularly beneficial for individuals recovering from injuries, surgical procedures, or chronic conditions, facilitating pain reduction and improved mobility. With a focus on enhancing tissue quality and function, ASTYM therapy plays a crucial role in helping patients restore their optimal physical well-being.

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